Terms & conditions of Paphos Pirates

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Terms & conditions of Paphos Pirates

Post  Twosox on Thu Apr 10, 2008 1:55 pm

Membership Terms

On behalf of Paphos Pirates Administration Team, welcome to the forum. We hope you enjoy your visit here with us. Hopefully you will go away with the information you were looking for. Please tell your friends & family to check out Paphos Pirates.

1. Membership Rules

Any person wishing to become a member of this site must read & accept all the following rules for membership without exception.

2. Postings

All members should ensure that any posts made by them do not contain any discourteous, intimidating, distasteful or fictitious material.
Political or religious posts: We do not promote these sort of postings but will not hinder any member who wishes to post them, due to it being a fact of daily life. We will however remove any such postings if it becomes necessary due to complaints from other members. Furthermore, all members should accept that the contents of their posting reflect their own personal views and not the views of the management of Paphos Pirates.

It is also agreed that all members shall protect the management of this site against any or all such claims for reparation from a third party caused by anyone acting or relying on any information provided which may cause any material loss by any persons known or unknown.

3. Picture(s)

If you would like to add a picture to a post, then please use this site to adapt your picture(s) to code: http://www.tinypic.com (Can members please remember to keep your pictures to a reasonable size, as any picture(s) found to be excessive, will be adjusted as these may slow the site down
ANY distasteful picture, especially of children, will be removed instantly & without notice.

Copyright: All pictures must either belong to the poster or permission must have been sought from the owner of the picture prior to posting on the site. Any pictures where this is found not to be the case, will be removed and the member informed of the removal.

4. Ranking System

As we would like you to post as much as possible, we have created a "ranking system" for fun, so the more you post, the greater your rank will be!

0 posts - Junior Mate
50 Posts - Mate
100 Posts - Carpenter
250 Posts - Gunner
500 Posts - Bosun
1000 Posts - Master
2000 Posts - Quartermaster
3000 Posts - Lieutenant
5000 Posts - Captain

If you do get higher up the ranking system, there is a possibility that Paphos Pirates may consider that you may become a Moderator at some point.

5. Advertising

All registered members will be allowed to post private adverts for free within the Items for Sales / Items wanted forums. Should you wish to advertise in the Trade Adverts forum, please contact paphospirate@live.co.uk. for further details.

We kindly ask that you please refrain from posting fly adverts as they will be removed without explanation. If the member repeats such acts, they may be removed from the forum at the Administrators discretion. All recommendations however are very welcome on our forum

6. Management Statement
The Management reserves the right to remove, edit or add to any posting made by members where it is regarded as being in breach of the site’s terms and conditions. We also reserve the right to remove and/or remove any member from the site who we consider is not following the terms and conditions. It is also agreed that we the management at Paphos Pirates retain complete control over all aspects pertaining to this site and all information becomes the intellectual property right of Paphos Pirates.

We'd also like you to know, the Administration will run this site by a set of standards & in no way will these standards be changed for anyone, including the management. Anyone who feels that he or she as a constructive criticism of the way in which the site is run, please contact the Administrator directly either via email or PM,

7. Disclaimer

The administrators of this site cannot guarantee the reliability of any information/advice provided by its members and therefore cannot be held accountable for any problems or losses associated with such information or advice

8. About Us

Paphos Pirates is a community chihuahua information and discussion forum to help provide information for those considering moving to Cyprus or for those ex-pats already living here.

All members please note that these Terms & Condition's may be adapted over the course of time, so please keep referring to these if you are unsure about anything, or contact one of the moderators or Admin staff who will be able to answer your questions

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